Clubhouse Regulations

Dress Regulations

Proper attire must be worn at all times by members and their guests in all areas of the clubhouse and golf course as outlined below.  Attire in the dining room is “casual elegant” and the lounge area is casual or golf attire.  Jackets are not required but preferred in the dining room.  Soft-spiked golf shoes are permitted everywhere in the clubhouse, including the dining room.  Please ensure that golf shoes are clean when worn on the main floor.  Clean, non-torn or frayed, trouser length denim jeans are permitted in the clubhouse.  Gym and spa attire will be permitted in the clubhouse, but not in the dining room.

Gentlemen’s Attire

Golf shirts must have a collar or be golf fashionable.  T-shirts are not allowed, however turtlenecks (including short-sleeve and “mock” turtlenecks) are permitted.  Gentlemen are welcome to wear hats on the lower floor, but are asked to remove hats on the main floor, lounge and dining room. Long trousers or Bermuda shorts are permitted while cargo shorts are not permitted.  

Ladies’ Attire

Golf shirts must have either a collar or sleeves.  Tank tops are not permitted on the golf course.  Shorts, skorts and skirts of reasonable length are permitted.

Cellular Telephone Use

Please be reminded that telephone booths are located on the lower and main floors of the clubhouse and that the use of mobile devices is discouraged anywhere on Club property. In particular, we ask that you refrain from using mobile devices in the dining room at any time.
If a telephone must be left on while dining, please ensure that it is set to silent or vibrate and that you NOT engage in conversation while in the room. When on the course, please ensure that your telephone is set to silent or vibrate.  Our staff has been asked to enforce this policy to help protect the peaceful environment that the Club provides.

Clubhouse Smoking Policy

The entire clubhouse is a non-smoking facility.  As of January 1, 2015, regulations in the Smoke-Free Ontario Act have been amended.  A specific amendment affecting the club states that it is now "illegal to smoke on all bar and restaurant patios, whether covered or not."  In order to abide by the revised act, we have designated the area located West of the Proshop's outdoor entrance to be a Smoking Permitted Area.

The golf course itself is not affected by the amendments to the Act.  The starter will provide each group requesting one, an ashtray for golf carts at the first tee.  It is imperative that cigarette and cigar butts be disposed of in the ashtrays and not on the golf course.